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Registration online will make the process simpler by sending all your contact details automatically, giving you access to our system much faster.

Register via PDF

The registration can be also processed using PDF document below. If you decide to use this kind of registration, please include all required documents (tax reference number, national court register, CRO certificate, certificate of entry in the business activity register, dismantling station registration) and send by email



By sending us your registration form, we will make you able to use the trial version of the system. This version is only for showing you how the portal looks like and at this stage, you don't need to sign in any agreements with us. Trial access is completely free. After receiving the registration form and company documents (in PDF or JPG format):

  • Entry into the Business Activity Register NCR (National Court Register) for private limited companies National Business Registry Number VAT Identification Number The confirmation of privileges granted by the Governor to carry out Dismantling Station, only if needed

you will receive login with temporary password and offer proposal, which will be send to you on the given email address. Trial access is limited by the time and disallows you to make the bids. If you decide to start cooperation with us, first you need to accept all agreement's conditions included in the offer proposal. You also need to be interested in getting the best offers from purchase of vehicles / goods or buying them out.

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