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For how long my offer being valid?
The offer is valid for a period of 14 days since the auction end date.
As a seller, when do I get information about bids value, which have been made?
The bid page will be sent on your e-mail immidiately after the auction is end.
As a buyer, when I will get the confirmation of my win?
Such confirmation will be visible immediately after auction end time and will appear in the "Archive" tab.
What kind of data is shown to buyers?
Buyers sees only the necessary information which have been provided for the vehicle / good description.
What can we guarantee?
The system provides certainty of purchase and receipt of the vehicle or cargo for previously auctioned amount, from any place in Poland. Purchase offers can be made by registered clients only, not individuals. Regular auction time is min. 24 hours.
What does the Autobids offer?
The system offers the opportunity to sell: - used vehicles, - damaged vehicles, - wholesome brand new goods, - damaged goods - defected goods, to the register clients, interested in their purchase.
How to register?
To register you need to fill out the registration form and send scanned your business documents (NCR or entry into the Business Activity Register, National Business Registry Number, VAT Identification Number).
How to issue my private vehicle?
Individuals have the ability to issue individual vehicle without registration. In order to sent the vehicle you need to follow the "Individual client" tab located in top menu, fill in the required fields for vehicle description and attach photos (max. 20). Finally, you have to send SMS message and enter the code you received in the appropriate field and confirm to issue the vehicle.
When the buyer must pick up the vehicle / good?
The buyer has 7 days to receive the vehicle / goods since the date of contact between the seller and the buyer.
When the seller will contact me to sell his vehicle / good?
If the bid value is accepted by the seller he receives the buyer details who placed the highest bid.
For how long the bids are collected?
It depends on seller. Normally it can take from 24h to 7 days.
As a buyer, when I will get the feedback about my bid value?
Bid's details will be visible immediately after entering the offered amount. Bidding is classified.
What kind of information I need to provide to issue the vehicle / good?
If an individual client is issuing the object, we require e-mail address, telephone and full description with photos of the vehicle only. If you are the business client, we need all necessary documents required for registration in the system.
Do I always have to sell the vehicle / good?
The decision to sell or not is always up to owner of the vehicle / good. If the bid value is satisfied, the owner will get all bids data and buyers contact details and arranges the payment and pickup method.
What kind of personal data is shown to buyers?
Buyers sees only details about the vehicle / good. None of personal data are shown to the buyers.
Who can buy and place the bids?
Bids can be made only by register clients after checking their reliability.
Who may issue a good to sell?
Leaving the goods for sale can the done by the individual clients or companies like insurance companies, leasing companies, debt collection agencies and other traders after succesfull registration.
Do I get a binding offer of purchase?
Bids collected during the auctions are bind for the buyers, as long as the vehicle /good conditions corresponds to the origin auction description.
Does the buyer may not pick up the vehicle / good?
It is only possible in the case when some of data (ie. object condition) were not true, had a legal flaw which make the vehicle purchase / registration impossible.
Why I cannot see other bids when auction is in progress?
Bidding is classified. Registered buyers make the highest bid which are able to pay for the vehicle / good.
Who may issue a vehicle to sell?
Leaving a vehicle for sale may be done by an individual consumer or corporate customers, ie companies, insurance companies, leasing companies, debt collection agencies and other traders after succesfull registration.
What Autobids is?
Autobids is a fast growing system, in response to market demand for an innovative system that guarantees the safety of transactions of sale, while taking into account the needs of all parties with the information necessary for its conclusion. It is many years of experience leading it's team, supported by valuable comments and insights of those who shape the market for many years. The system associates retail, corporate and businesses entities to sell vehicles and goods to reliable business partners.
What is the bid binding period for my vehicle / good?
The offer is valid for a period of 14 days since the auction end date.
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